Order Status Explanations

What each order status means for your gift card/cryptocurrency order.

After you've submitted your gift card, you'll get to view your order status. There are 4 different possibilities.

Submitted/In Review

This is the default order status. It means that your gift card information has been saved but it isn't being offered to be resold yet. At this stage we can cancel the order for you if you contact support. 


The listing status means that the card has been received and has been relisted for sale. The user should NOT use the card. From this point onward, spending the balance of the card will result in a charge-back


"Paid" means that we have sent you payment for your card. Again, even if a balance remains on the card, spending it will result in a charge-back


If something unexpected happens to your card, you will see an error status. For example "Card Number" error means that your card either had 0 balance or the card number didn't work.