Troubleshooting Debit Card Purchases

Troubleshooting debit card purchases on CardxCoin

When making a purchase with your debit card, there are a few automated checks to enforce volume limits and other restrictions. These can prevent your purchase from completing. 

  1. Temporarily disable your adblocker. The debit card flow launches in a popup that your adblocker may kill. 
  2. If you've been making repeated failed attempts at making a purchase, you may be rate limited. Come back and try again later
  3. Temporarily disable your VPN. Rates vary by location so using a VPN can cause the purchase to fail
  4. Use a mobile phone number. Not a landline and not a VOIP number
  5. Occasionally your card will be "charged" despite you not receiving cryptocurrency. Your purchase didn't complete the checks and failed. This charge is a pending transaction that will be denied and should drop off your bank statement within 3 days. 

If you need any support, please email us at We can look up your debit card transaction and help you get it to completion.